Maccabi Monday’s start now!  Every Monday is a new chance to show your JCC Maccabi spirit, by taking a selfie, tagging #ATLMaccabi2019 on social media, and wearing past, present and future JCC Maccabi Gear.

If you were to stop by the MJCCA you would see many of the MJCCA staff dressed in their 2019 JCC Maccabi Gear.  Today was the official kick off of Maccabi Monday at the MJCCA.  In honor of the first official Maccabi Monday, the JCC Maccabi Games team held a fun cornhole competition.  MJCCA staff, members and School’s out camp kids tried their best to get a ringer!

If you missed the cornhole competition, don’t worry you can still join in on the fun – snap a selfie and tag us! #ATLmaccabi2019 @ATLmaccabi2019