Get to know your Local Delegation Coordinator!

Andrei Sujka was born in Russia and was adopted when he was two and a half years old. He has lived in Winter Park, Florida for the majority of his life.

Growing up, he was very involved in all sorts of sports although, his main focus was gymnastics. He was a competitive gymnast for about 12 years. When Andrei was 14, he was named State Champion in Florida. He then participated in Regional’s, which is a competition where the entire southeast region of the country competes in. He excelled in this competition and fought a hard battle to take 2nd place in the entire region. Next year, he came back more experienced and got 1st place all-around in states and in Regional’s as well. Unfortunately, after that summer, Andrei broke both of his wrists and was unable to compete any longer.

For high school, he went to Camden Military Academy in South Carolina. He played basketball, soccer, and football for them. The two years that Andrei went there, he was awarded “Most Athletic Cadet” and led his basketball team to a State Championship. In soccer, he was a goalkeeper and in 2013, he led the state with the lowest goals against average.

You could say that he was quite the athlete when he was younger, he has been riddled with injuries but that doesn’t stop him from loving sports.

He is really ecstatic to be here in Atlanta and working as your Local Delegation Coordinator for this years upcoming Maccabi Games!

See below for new and updated information for tryouts!

Maccabi Team Sports Tryouts are
December 5th-16th, & January 13th!

Boys 14U Basketball

  • 1sttryout: Dec. 5 | 7-8:30pm Mendel Gym
  • 2ndtryout: Dec. 9 | 9-10:30am Mendel Gym
  • 3rdtryout: Dec. 16 | 9-10:30 Mendel Gym

Boys 16U Basketball

  • 1sttryout: Dec. 5 | 7-8:30pm Mendel Gym
  • 2ndtryout: Dec. 9 | 10:30-12pm Mendel Gym
  • 3rdtryout: Dec. 16 | 10:30-12pm Mendel Gym

Girls 16U Basketball

  • 1sttryout: Dec. 9 | 11:30-1pm Marcus Gym
  • 2ndtryout: Dec. 16 | 10:30-12pm Marcus Gym **

Boys 14U Soccer

  • 1sttryout: Dec. 12 | 5-7pm Fields 1&2
  • 2ndtryout: Dec. 16 | 2-3:30pm Fields 1 & 2

Boys 16U Soccer

  • 1sttryout: Dec. 9 | 7-9pm Fields 1&2
  • 2ndtryout: Dec. 16 | 3:30-5pm Fields 1&2

Girls 16U Soccer

  • 1sttryout: Dec. 9 | 5-7pm Fields 1&2 **
  • 2ndtryout: Dec. 16 | 12:30-2pm Fields 1&2

Boys 14U Baseball

  • 1sttryout: Dec. 9 | 12-1:30pm Weber
  • 2ndtryout: Dec. 16 | 12-1:30pm Weber

Boys 16U Baseball

  • 1st tryout: Dec. 9 | 1:30-3pm Weber
  • 2ndtryout: Dec. 16 | 1:30-3pm Weber

Boys 16U Flag Football

  • 1sttryout: Dec. 9 | 3-5pm Soccer Fields
  • 2ndtryout: Dec. 16 | 5-7pm Soccer Fields

Girls 16U Volleyball

  • 1sttryout: Dec. 9 | 9-10:30am Marcus Gym
  • 2ndtryout: Dec. 16 | 9-10:30am Marcus Gym

Co-Ed 16U Ultimate Frisbee

  • 13 | 10am – 1pm Fields 1&2 **

Individual Sports

Meeting scheduled for Track & Field, Dance, Swimming, Bowling, Golf, Tennis, Table Tennis, Star Reporter and Ultimate Frisbee coaches on Jan. 13 | Brill room 182 | 11-2pm

Click here for additional information and FAQ’s about Team Atlanta.

Please contact our Local Delegation Coordinator Andrei Sujka via email or his direct line at 678-812-4032 with any questions.