Alumni of the Week: Ashley Cohen

 MJCCA Director of Outreach & Engagement and an 3 time Alumni of the JCC Maccabi Games! What year(s) and sport(s) did you participate in?

Ashley Cohen: I participated in the 1996, 1997, and 1998 Games hosted by New Jersey, Sarasota, and Charlotte. I was actually recruited by the Savannah JCC to play on their team my first year. I then played for the Columbia, SC JCC the other two years.

ATL: What was your favorite part of opening ceremonies and the Games as a whole?

AC: My favorite part of opening ceremonies is seeing how many Jewish teens there were. I come from a very small Jewish community, so to see how many teens are out there that were like me was amazing. Making connections with people that I would later see in BBYO, The March of the Living and beyond is what Maccabi is all about.

ATL: What was your favorite pin/apparel you got to trade for?

AC: I always loved getting the pins/apparel from the British Guys. SUPER HOT😉

ATL: How excited are you for Atlanta to host the 2019 Games?

AC: I am so excited for Maccabi 2019. I am most excited for my children to see what an incredible experience Maccabi is and to show them what they have to look forward to. I am also excited to wear my throw-back gear😊

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