Get to know Jacob Sabel, he is serving on the Local Delegation Committee working with Team Atlanta!

With years of experience as a co-chair and previous athlete, we took time to learn more about how the organization has impacted him over this time. When did you first start playing and/or volunteering for the Maccabi games?

Jacob Sabel: I was an athlete in 99′, 00′, 01′ and coached baseball in 09′.  After partaking in the Erwin Zaban Leadership Program, I was asked what involvement I wanted to have in the center, it was a no brainer.  I remembered the impact Maccabi had on me and I wanted to give back to the next generation.  I have been a co-chair with Libby Hertz and currently, Todd Star for the past 5 years.  


ATL: What about the JCC Maccabi Games keeps you coming back year after year?

JS: While Maccabi is competitive in sport, it embodies social and cultural values that create lifelong memories and friendships.  There is a special energy that’s difficult to understand until you get a firsthand experience.  


ATL: What is your favorite memory as a player/coach/volunteer?

JS: Sitting in a freshman class at Indiana University next to a Maccabi athlete I played baseball against from Philadelphia.  He still had my signed Atlanta hat we traded from 1999 in Rochester.  


ATL: How excited are you for Atlanta to host the 2019 Games? What are you most looking forward to?

JS: The leadership team has raised the bar for 2019.  The community has rallied around the games and I’m excited to show the attending delegations the true meaning of “Southern Hospitality.”   

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