Get to know Philip Kahn, one of our Co-Chairs in charge of the Sport Commissioners for the 2019 JCC Maccabi Games in Atlanta!

With 18 years of experience as a co-chair, volunteer, and coach, we took time to learn more about how the organization has impacted him over this time. When did you first start playing and/or volunteering for the Maccabi games?

Phil Kahn: My first introduction to Maccabi was on 2001 when Atlanta hosted the games and I got to co-chair basketball.

ATL: What about the JCC Maccabi Games keeps you coming back year after year?

PK: I keep volunteering to participate in Maccabi because I get to enjoy the company of so many great adult volunteers in the Atlanta JCC Community in addition to being around all of the positive energy the kids bring to the games.

ATL: What is your favorite memory as a player/coach/volunteer?

PK: I feel like that at each set of games, there have been so many great memories. In OC this past year, the coaches had a “group me” chat that had me laughing multiple times each day. The year (I think we were in Houston) that Mark Light and Sandy Mencher coached softball and the parents bought the coaches lunch for Mark and Sandy and I “inadvertently” ate Sandy’s mile high corned beef sandwich will always stand out for me.  I will forever owe Sandy a sandwich (at a minimum). I still smile when I think about it.

ATL: How excited are you for Atlanta to host the 2019 Games? What are you most looking forward to?

PK: I am hoping for some more joyous and “laughable” moments as all of the volunteers, coaches and participants come to Atlanta.  Seeing the participants meet and socialize with each other is really a highlight for me.


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