Be good. Be kind. Be honest. Be ethical. Be moral.

This is the most essential message in human history, and we are the people who were chosen to deliver it…to be as the prophet Isaiah said, or lagoyim, “a light unto the nations.”

In support of the greater mission of the Games and Judaism, The JCC Maccabi Games® highlights 6 Midot Values. Every person involved with the Games is encouraged to immerse themselves with the Midot Values.  By doing so they are eligible to receive the highest honor of the Games: a Midot Medal.

Midot Medals are awarded to individuals who embody a value and go above and beyond what is required.

Let’s take a closer look at the Midot Value | Ga’ava / Pride

There is nothing like the sense of pride that you experience as a participant in the Games.  You are filled with Ga’ava from the moment you step foot off the plane, to walking out with your delegation during Opening Ceremonies and most importantly while representing your city during the week of competition.  A goal of the Games is to foster a deeper Jewish connection and the Games exude nothing but Jewish Pride in each and every athlete that attends.


Ga’ava – גאווה – Pride

“One must show the way by experience.” ― David Ben Gurion

Pride is the feeling of being confident in the world. It is reaching your full potential and claiming your space: I exist. I have worth. I give back. Taking pride and honoring our bodies is a way of honoring God.



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