Be good. Be kind. Be honest. Be ethical. Be moral.

This is the most essential message in human history, and we are the people who were chosen to deliver it…to be as the prophet Isaiah said, or lagoyim, “a light unto the nations.”

In support of the greater mission of the Games and Judaism, The JCC Maccabi Games® highlights 6 Midot Values. Every person involved with the Games is encouraged to immerse themselves with the Midot Values.  By doing so they are eligible to receive the highest honor of the Games: a Midot Medal.

Midot Medals are awarded to individuals who embody a value and go above and beyond what is required.

Let’s take a closer look at the Midot Value | Lev Tov/ Big Hearted

The desire to be good to all… this is the internal core of the essence of the Jewish soul. ― Rabbi Kook
הרצון להיות טוב לכול… זה הגרעין הפנימי של מהות נשמת ישראל
הרב קוק

Welcoming others is an essential component of what it means to be Jewish. With open hearts, we invite friends and family to our homes on Shabbat, holidays, or a regular weekday evening to share a meal, stories, and traditions. Kindness is at the core of being a mensch—a true human being. The Maccabi Games and the Maccabi Family are constantly showing how big-hearted they are. Sponsors, volunteers, host families, are an integral part of what makes Maccabi so great. Without everyone’s tremendous generosity the games would not be anywhere near what they are today. We would like to thank everyone, from our athletes to the parents, to our generous volunteers, and the facilities that grant us permission to use them. Without your Lev Tov, none of this would be possible. Thank you!