The JCC Maccabi Games in Atlanta kick off in less than 200 days. We would like to take a special look at our most subjective sport, Dance!

Dance at the JCC Maccabi Games can be solo, duo-trio, small group (4-6), and large group (7 or more). It can also include ballet, lyrical, modern, hip-hop/street, tap, jazz, Israeli, or even an open routine! Take these options plus both age groups for both boys and girls, and you can see how varied the dance competition can be!

Any kind of appropriate music can be utilized for a routine. A maximum of 4 routines can be performed by a single performer, with a max time of 3 minutes. Judges will critique performances based on technique, choreography, performance/presentation, and content.

     Dance and choreography can be the base of someone’s entire career! If you don’t believe me ask Paula Abdul. Born to Jewish parents in San Fernando California, Abdul began taking lessons from an early age.  She started as a dancer for the Los Angeles Lakers, and then became their choreographer. She was discovered at a Laker game by some members of the Jackson 5 who had attended the game. She was signed to start doing their choreography for their videos and eventually led a successful career in choreography for music videos.  From there she started her singing and television career that continues to this day!


The dance community has many individuals working tirelessly to ensure the next generation of dancers have an opportunity to follow their dreams. Nadine Bommer, an American-Israeli contemporary dance choreographer, teacher, and artistic director, is the Founder of the Nadine Bommer Dance Company, an internationally renowned dance school. Bommmer, who was born in New York, and spent most of her childhood in Rishon LeZion, Israel, has won numerous awards for her choreography and her technique – The Nadine Bommer Method. Through her relentless effort and drive, she was able to not only live her dream, but allow others to live theirs as well.

Your dreams can take you anywhere, even if it’s not where you expected to be.


Dance tryouts currently will be held on January 20th 6:00-7:30 pm at the MJCCA.
If you or anyone else is interested in our other sports, you can find our full tryout schedule –> HERE