Are you interested in Sports Journalism? Do you have a passion for writing? The Star Reporter program was created to seek out and help develop the next generation of sports journalists.  It strives to instill real world experience, while provided a nurturing environment to grow and develop your skills all while making sure the Star Reporters have an absolute blast!

Star Reporter participants will receive coaching and mentoring in photography, videography, the art of the interview, and more. Star Reporter coaches provided by Team Atlanta will be experienced professionals in the fields of journalism, photography, videography, social media, and marketing. Star Reporters will develop and hone new skills through exposure to state of the art professional software and tools in use by major global companies that are not available to the public.

Our very own Barri Seitz was a Star Reporter for last year’s JCC Maccabi Games held in Orange County. This is how she described her Star Reporter Experience. “Star Reporter was an amazing program. Through it, I was able to meet so many new people. I am still close with one of the girls I Star Report-ed with. It gave me a chance to experience the Games without needing to do a sport.”

Barri is not the only one to recognize how important this experience was for her. See how her father Brian Seitz described Barri’s experience. “Barri spent the week learning skills such as interviewing coaches and athletes, note taking, deadlines, blogging, and more.  During the day, she would work with another Star Reporter to cover various activities.  Sporting competitions, Midot medal winners, JCC cares, and opening ceremonies are a few examples of events she reported on.  After competitions ended each day, she attended the evening events just like the athletes did.  Barri tremendously enjoyed her Sports Reporter experience, and I would highly recommend it as well.”

Do you know anyone interested in the Star Reporter program? We are looking for the next Star Reporters to experience The JCC Maccabi Games in a totally unique way. The Star Reporters will have its informational meeting January 30th @ 6:30 pm in Brill Room 184. We hope to see you there!