For this spotlight, we are focusing on our newest program, Star Reporter. Star Reporter is the JCC Maccabi Games way of introducing teens to the world of sports journalism. Some kids dream of scoring the winning touchdown, some dream of calling it. Star Reporters will be reporting live from the fields of play during The Games. They will write blogs and social media content to give a unique perspective on The Games. For the 2019 JCC Maccabi Games in Atlanta we wanted to expand this program to a point beyond where it has ever been previously. It is here where we turn to Michael Kogon. He is taking this already fantastic program into the stratosphere with leadership and new ideas. We wanted to showcase Mr. Kogon and demonstrate how amazing our Star Reporter program will be under his direction.

Michael was the CEO of Definition 6, the unified marketing agency he founded in 1997, until he sold it in 2014. He consistently refined the agency’s focus over the years, helping it evolve from the largest independent digital agency in the Southeast to one of the fastest-growing unified marketing agencies in the country. Over the course of his career, Michael has worked with global clients including Disney, Coca-Cola, BellSouth, The Home Depot, and Edwards Baking Company to name a few.

In his own words, here is how Michael describes what he expects from Star Reporters.

What are your expectations for Star Reporters?

“To fully embrace the learning experience of how to become reporters, youtubers, documenters and storytellers. To be outgoing and seek as many of the athletes on their team as possible to do interviews, pictures and learn their backgrounds. Participate in pre-game planning sessions, start to attend team practices and document and share to help build excitement for the upcoming games. Begin coverage while traveling to the games and any pre-games events once they join the Star Reporter program. Become part of the follow-up team after the games as your teams gather for reunions, events and even future games you attend!”

What do you want the Star Reporters to learn during their time at The Maccabi Games?

“How to become journalists, documenters, and storytellers in the modern world. How to create compelling content, do interviews, write stories, photo and video editing, podcasting, micro-blogging and vlogging.”

In addition to Michael Kogon, we will be partnering with the expertise of many industry professionals leading up to and through The Games. Star Reporters will learn relevant skills for today’s digital world, including photography, videography, editing, interviews, blogging, etc. We would like to thank Mr. Kogon for donating his time and expertise, and for his help in developing Atlanta’s vision of the Star Reporter Program, not just this year, but for years to come. It is in large part due to Michael Kogon’s efforts that we have been awarded a grant to support the Star Reporter Program. We would like to extend a special thank you to JumpSpark who provided such a generous grant!

If you or anyone you know would still like to participate in our Star Reporter Program please contact Andrei Sujka at The deadline to apply for this program is April 1st, so please hurry!