Hello to our Atlanta Family!

For this volunteer spotlight, we are focusing on some of the most important volunteers for the success of the 2019 JCC Maccabi Games. That’s YOU! The Atlanta community is helping us in some very important ways. Coaches, Delegation Heads, Organizers, and all the committee and subcommittee members have already given us so much of their time, effort, and their amazing talent to make this year’s Maccabi Games the best one yet! However, we still need your help. We need volunteers and host families to ensure The Games are the best they can be. With over 500 Team Atlanta athletes, and over 1,100 visiting athletes, we are going to need a lot of help. The Maccabi Games is dependent on the generosity of the host community, and we know that everyone here is so amazing, that we can accomplish these tasks tenfold!

It may seem like a huge task, but we promise that you won’t have to work yourself ragged to be a Volunteer, and You won’t be running all over the city if you are a host family. We are very open to your schedule. If you can only volunteer some days for a few hours, that’s great, if you want to volunteer for every Team Atlanta event, and through the Games, we would be ecstatic! (and you would be very tired) Anything you can give is something out of kindness and generosity. We will never turn that down!

If you would like to volunteer, please use this link and fill out the form: https://atlmaccabi2019.org/jcc-association-national-registration/

It is part of the mission of The JCC Maccabi Games that we have our visiting athletes experience the local community by having the stay with Host Families, giving them a home away from home. We have over 1100 athletes from visiting delegations that need a place to stay. The basic requirements are this: A host family must host at least 2 athletes, and every athlete you host must have a bed and a seatbelt. It is not necessary to have a kosher home. Sounds easy right?

If you want to sign-up as a host family, follow this link and fill out the form: https://atlmaccabi2019.org/jcc-association-national-registration/