Hello Maccabi Fam!

The Traveling Torch wanted to give everyone an update on what it has been doing lately. This past weekend was Purim! This is a celebration commemorating the saving of the Jewish people from Haman. We celebrate this holiday unlike any other, with costumes and full parties! The Torch wanted to Learn all about Purim, and decided it needed a front row seat!

First we helped the MJCCA preschool celebrate with their Purim Parade! The kids paraded their awesome costumes for their parents, and then were entertained by the wonderful musical styling of our own Rabbi G! Everyone had a great time showing off their costumes, singing along, and of course eating hamentashen! Here is just a small example showing how much fun we had!


After the Purim Parade, the Torch was having so much fun, that it just couldn’t stop there. That’s when it heard about the MJCCA’s Young Adult Purim Party! The MJCCA Young Adults group aims to help Jewish young adults maintain a relationship with their culture, religion, and above all else, other Jewish young adults. We feel that the Maccabi Games is only the beginning of your experience with the JCC. Your JCC is a treasure trove of programs and events for all age groups! The Purim Party is the latest example of a fun and relaxed way young adults can be involved with the Jewish Community. To find out more about programs available to Young Adults, check out this link –> https://www.atlantajcc.org/interior-pages/social-and-educational-young-adults-programs-and-events/.   \

In the end we learned the story of Purim, and had a great time celebrating with everyone! We hope you guys will join us on our next outing! To make sure that happens please fill out our Torch Appearance Request Form, and we will bring Maccabi to you!