Athlete: Karley Gotlin, 13
School: Autrey Mill Middle School, Alpharetta, GA
Maccabi Games Sport: Girls U16 Soccer, Red Team, Atlanta

A little bit about Karley and when she began playing:
“I started playing soccer when I was 6 years old for a recreational team, and I then moved to club level soccer with Concorde Fire when I was 7.”

What do you like most about Maccabi practices?
“Being together with Jewish people who like playing soccer as much as I do!”

How is your team doing in practice?
“My team is doing great, and my coach is awesome! I am so excited for the Games.”

What are you going to strive to do to improve in your playing before the games begin?
“I will try to go to every practice. I will work on my skills at home. I will work on conditioning when I have time, and I will talk with my teammates outside of practice, so we can get closer and work better as a team.”

How do you feel about being one of the youngest players on the team?
“It is really fun but challenging. I know that playing with older people who have more experience is going to really help my playing, so I am super excited!”

What is fun about Maccabi soccer practice?
“I like scrimmaging with my teammates, and I like the challenge of playing with older kids.”