Shalom, everyone! Meet Skylar Haas, Delegation Head from Nashville, Tennessee. Skylar is beyond excited to be a DH for the Atlanta Maccabi Games. We asked Skylar a few questions for our Spotlight this week. See her answers, bolded below! ↓

How many years have you been involved with Maccabi?

This will be my 2nd

What is your favorite memory from Maccabi?

Watching the Flag Football Championship Game, although it wasn’t my team it was cool to see all the boys from the competition together cheering for each other

What is one thing you are looking forward to about Maccabi this year?

Being DH for the first time

What is one fun fact about you?

I am a black belt in Martial Arts

Thanks, Skylar! We are so excited to welcome you and the Nashville Delegation and all of our other visitors to the games, very soon.