By Ari Wohl, Star Reporter

On Tuesday, July 30, at around 12 p.m., the Team OC flag football team took on the squad from Houston. After about 10 minutes of the game, everyone watching knew that Team OC was scoring with ease and there was nothing that Houston could do about it. Well, with help from the commissioner and excitement by both coaches and all players, both teams decided to call the game after the first half and play the second half with mixed teams as an exhibition.

It was pretty obvious that both teams were having fun competing in a pretty fair second half, and getting to try to juke out their own teammates. I had a chance to talk to some of the guys after the game. Jeremiah Finaly, of Team OC, said, “It was a really fun experience of rachmanus!”

Overall, the experience was a great show of rachmanus by both teams. Rachmanus is the attribute of compassion and good sportsmanship by all players and coaches. The players were happy to get to play in a competitive second half, as Ryan Diamond, a member of Team Houston said, “Going from a team that loses a good amount to going to a team that I’ve never played with before… it’s cool.”

After the win today, Team OC improves to 2-2 through the first four games and is looking to win back to back gold medals. The team is confident as Sam Sperling, a member of Team OC, stated, “I’m excited to win some more… and bring that gold home to OC.” On Wednesday, both teams will begin the tournament against unknown opponents based on seeding.

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