By Ari Gordon, Star Reporter

The 2019 Maccabi Games in Atlanta this year was a big success with fun, friendship, sports, and more. It’s so hard to imagine how they plan an event as big as the Maccabi Games. It certainly doesn’t just happen — it takes lots of work and effort. 

Because of this, as a Maccabi Star Reporter, I chose to make stories about the behind-the-scenes work that goes into planning Maccabi. For my behind-the-scenes coverage, I also interviewed some coaches, the caterer who provided all of our lunches, and the co-chairs of Maccabi, Amy Rubin and Libby Hertz. 

I found it so fascinating the work put into Maccabi 2019, talking to Atlanta Maccabi co-chairs Amy Rubin & Libby Hertz, all the coaches, and all the other volunteers. 


A volunteer is defined as “a  person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task.” Evidently, the Maccabi volunteers undertook their task and did it amazingly. 

Amy Rubin and Libby Hertz told me they have been working on Maccabi for 2 ½ years!

When I interviewed Chef Emily McConnell with Healthy Touch Catering, I learned what it takes to prepare scrambled eggs for thousands of people. (Atlanta Maccabi program lists 1,600 athletes, 300 coaches and 1,500 volunteers.) 

Meanwhile, the coaches told me that there are many practices that they also have to coach in pre-season. 

Dedication is key to all the aspects of planning an event like the Atlanta Games. Thank you to everyone who was involved in Maccabi Atlanta 2019!