1. The coaches will maintain the role of coach as a professional in proper perspective by:

  • Developing and communicating clear and specific goals for the team and individual players throughout the Maccabi experience.
  • Maintaining open and honest communication with athletes, parents, other coaches, and the JCC Maccabi leadership.
  • Developing and demonstrating a good knowledge base of best practices specific to their coaching position
  1. The coaches will be positive role models in personal management, appearance, ethics and behavior by:

  • Following the JCC Maccabi rules, during the week of the games
  • Connecting athletic experiences with life experiences
  • Providing an atmosphere of team work and collaboration among coaches and player
  • Modeling good sportsmanship and remembering Rachmanus (compassion/mercy) on and off the court, win or lose
    • Rachmanus includes respecting your opponent and the officials, exhibiting appropriate behavior and making a positive presence on the playing field.
  • Understanding your responsibilities and the time commitment involved. All coaches must be with their teams from 8:00am (or earlier) until their athletes are picked up after evening events.
    • Coaches cannot leave for work or any other reason unless approved by a Delegation Head.
    • Team Atlanta Coaches will sleep in their own homes during the week of the games.
  1. The coaches will be responsible for:

  • Minimum 10 total practices beginning in early February.
  • Minimum of 1 team bonding experience.
  • 1 Shabbat experience.
  • All athletes must play in ALL games, in both pool play and medal rounds. Playing time will vary and will be determined by the coach.
  • Attending all JCC Maccabi Events during the week of the Games.
  • Attending the Parent Information meeting after the teams have been selected.