Star Reporter

Star Reporters will share the stories of the 2019 Games through participants’ lenses and in their voices.

As Star Reporters develop new skills through hands-on reporting and exposure to state-of-the-art technologies and tools, they also will receive mentoring in photography, videography, the art of the interview, and more. Star Reporter coaches, provided by Team Atlanta, will be experienced professionals in the fields of journalism, photography, videography, social media, and marketing.

This team is also being coached by VOX ATL, Atlanta’s nonprofit home for uncensored teen publishing and self-expression. VOX has been supporting Atlanta-area teen journalists, poets, artists and leaders since 1993.

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The Star Reporter Team are meeting before the Games to plan their coverage opportunities and train as journalists.

Star Reporters are also asked to: write their bio (they can submit online HERE), attend pre-Games practices and events in their home communities and submit photos/video/interviews prior to the Games. For submission guidelines, please contact Rachel Wallack at

Games Week

Star Reporters will document the Games in real-time through photography, videography, interview, blogging, and other modes of social media.

Reporters will generate their own assignments each day based on their interests and will spend approximately 4-5 hours daily on reporting activities both in Communications Central and “in the field.”

Reporters will participate in JCC Cares and all other activities throughout the week.

Meet the Star Reporters

Ella Carling, 15, is a rising sophomore at Saint Francis High School who likes volunteering and hanging out with friends. Her favorite food is sushi.

Levi Gordon, 12,  is a rising 7th grader at the Davis Academy. In his free time he loves to play music and record audio and video. He got into music from his dad, who played bass. His favorite dessert is chocolate-covered matzah with toffee, caramel and heath bar on and under the chocolate. He is so excited for the Maccabi Games!

Harris Seidband, 13, has a passion for sports and broadcasting. In his free time he likes to play sports, watch sports, and play video games — and can’t wait to be in the Maccabi Games this summer!  

(More to come)

Hear From The Star Reporters

Check out the Maccabi Social Media Pages via the links below. You can also check out the Maccabi BLOG. All of these will be regularly updated with content from our Star Reporter Team

All Star Reporter content will be marked with our Star Reporter content badge, which you can see below. Be sure to keep an eye out for it on all of our pages!

Volunteer With Star Reporter

Interested in volunteering with Star reporter? Use the following link to register –>

Atlanta Maccabi Games Star Reporter Volunteer Job Descriptions Overview:

We’re looking for mentors/ story coaches content creators and journalists to support the Atlanta Maccabi Games Star Reporter program July 28-Aug 2. We’ll be operating a youth newsroom at the MJCCA to support the Start Reporter team of the international program with about 20 pre-teen and teenage reporters working in video, photography and written reporting of the Games. The program will be staffed by local journalists and youth development experts from VOX ATL: Rich Eldredge, Maurice Garland and Rachel Alterman Wallack. The job description is attached, and interested folks can sign up here. Michael Kogon will then work with volunteers to get them properly registered as JCC/Maccabi volunteers.

We are looking for volunteers with experience in reporting, writing, photography, social media management, audio production, video production and/or graphic design.

Volunteers will work with teens to produce original content about and during the Maccabi Games in Atlanta, held July 28-Aug. 2, 2019.

All volunteers will be volunteers of the MJCCA and Maccabi Games, must attend an orientation and will be fully supported by the Maccabi Games & VOX team.

Key Volunteer Responsibilities

  • Train with the teens. Train without the teens.

With consultation from VOXATL, a teen-driven youth-development organization that has published teens’ content for 25+ years, we’re shifting the script from a traditional newsroom and turning the reins over to the teen content creators. VOXATL will bring us Guide-on-the-Side mentor training, including best practices in task-based mentorship and working with adolescents. VOXATL is also creating skills-building agendas for us to prepare with the youth participants: Join us to the extent you’d like and you’re able.

  • Support content creation during the Games

We’ll support a youth newsroom with daily check-ins, teen-created assignments, editing and production, and content curation from Star Reporters from other city delegations. Each day will include near-peer leadership and newsroom facilitation provided by VOXATL and 1:1 assignment mentorship by this volunteer corps.

  • Sign up for shifts or roles  

We envision the following roles* for volunteers:

Social media managers – hands-on people that run IG, FB, Twitter, Snap, Blogs for their companies — partner with youth social media managers as they share our stories.

Video and audio editors – support young folks in real-time produce their content.

Reporters, writers, editors, on-air personalities — support writing, story brainstorming, public speaking and skills development one story or teen at a time.

Photographers — help the teens focus. (Like what we did there?)

Technical support — help us prevent and solve tech problems in real time.

* Additional roles may be developed throughout the spring as the teens organize their newsroom.

Time commitment can range from a half-day to full week. We will share a sign-up form at the first orientation.

Timeline – Key Dates:

Orientation … May 16 (12:30 food; 1-2 pm)

Pre-season training for teens  

April 23, 6:30 – 8:30 PM at the MJCCA

May 2 – 5-8 pm at the MJCCA

***Additional dates in May and June will be established for training sessions.***

Pre-Games set-up — July 26 (some volunteer roles here)

Games — July 28-Aug. 2 (volunteer in the newsroom & in the field)

Debrief — Friday Aug. 16 at the JCC (optional for volunteers)

Questions? Interested? Please contact Michael Kogon (

Interested in volunteering with Star reporter? Use the following link to register –>

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