Coaching each year for Team Atlanta has introduced me to some of the most dynamic young athletes and talented coaches we have in Atlanta. I am proud to be a part of such an amazing organization.

Todd Starr

Being apart of the Maccabi experience for 8 years, gave me the opportunity to create a network, as an athlete, giving me some of my closet friends today.

Jacob Sabel

Being a Maccabi athlete was not only an incredible experience on the playing field, but off the field it instilled a great sense of Jewish pride knowing that there were kids all around the world with the same ideals as you.

Jeffrey Draluck

The 2019 JCC Maccabi Games® will call Atlanta home for just the second time in the history of the competition, with more than 1,600 participants, ranging from 12-16-years-old, to fill out a field of 13 sports.

Notable JCC Maccabi Games® alumni include Mark Spitz (Olympic Gold Medalist swimmer), Larry Brown (National Basketball Hall of Fame coach), and Jeff Agoos (National Soccer Hall of Fame player).

Through participating as athletes, volunteers, host families, or spectators, the experiences gained from the Games will undoubtedly enhance both the community’s and individual’s development through well-being and activities.

From Parents:

“This was the first JCC Maccabi Games® experience for our family and a wonderful experience for all of us. My son loved the friendship with teens from all over aspect. As a parent, I loved to see what could have been a competitive sport environment be a great sportsmanship experience. Unlike anything that I have ever seen.”

“Atlanta has proudly hosted JCC Maccabi Games® before in 2001. We learned that hosting JCC Maccabi Games® brings our community together in an experience that transcends the Games. Together, we’ll strengthen our entire Jewish community, empower our next generation of leaders and celebrate our values and traditions.”

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From Athletes:

“I loved the whole experience, especially being able to watch other teams from my delegation. My team was eliminated on Wednesday, but later that day and Thursday we cheered on our soccer and boys basketball team with many others from our delegation. Even though I did not know these people, I felt like they were friends and we were on the same side.”

From Coaches:

“Coaching Team Atlanta in the JCC Maccabi Games has provided me with so many smiles over the years and allowed me to truly enjoy watching our athletes compete and  enjoy hours of socializing with other Jewish athletes from all over the world. The evening events are also a great time for the coaches to get together and laugh about the day’s activities. I have coached both my son and daughter and coached a Maccabi team with my son. I hope to coach a team with my daughter in the future.”

“Bringing the Games to Atlanta in 2019 is a chance to engage our greater Atlanta Jewish community to participate at the MJCCA and to see what 1,600 Jewish kids look like when they’re having fun.”

-Phil Kahn, volleyball

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