Everyone here would like to thank all of our volunteers who helped make the 2019 JCC Maccabi Games in Atlanta the best Maccabi Games yet. It was through your tireless efforts that the week of Maccabi turned out as well as it did. for your tireless effort, your willingness to help, your unbridled enthusiasm, and your amazing southern hospitality, we give a big thank you! We understand our thanks is not enough for all that everyone has done, but know that thanks to your work, all of our athletes, both visiting and local, had the time of their lives.

Until next time,

Your Maccabi Team


The JCC Maccabi Games® are not an effort of any one group, organization, or program.  The Games are a celebration of our entire community, coming together to strengthen our identity, engage volunteers of all ages, and build a foundation for future leadership.

The JCC Maccabi Games ® in Atlanta will require the guiding hands of more than 1,500 volunteers. From administration to athletics – and everything in between – there are opportunities to fit your interest and talent. Whether you volunteer during the week of, or in a role leading up to the event, the time is now to raise your hand.

All volunteers must be 18-years-old or older as of July 28, 2019 for daytime shifts and 21-years-old or older to volunteer for evening events.

We cannot do it alone, nor would we want to. Invest in the Games with your time and talent, and along with the entire Atlanta community, help build an experience that will be remembered for years to come.

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Arrivals & Departures

Greet delegations at airport and/or MJCCA upon their arrival on Friday and Sunday. (Some international delegations may arrive as early as the day before the start of the Games).

Arrivals Assistant

  • Check in Host Families upon arrival to the MJCCA.
  • Direct Host Families to ‘athlete pick up area’ to find their athletes.

Arrivals Airport Coordinator

  • Oversee all arrivals, volunteers, buses, delegation, etc. at airport.

Arrivals Airport Greeters

  • Meet the Delegation Head and bus at the MJCCA, ride to the airport to meet a delegation, escort the delegation upon arrival to luggage pick-up and ride the bus back to the MJCCA, answering whatever questions may arise.  Will also show the orientation video.
  • With assigned Delegation Head, greet all visitors, including athletes, their families, and coaches at the airport.

Arrivals Tzedakah Organizer

  • Collect delegation tzedakah supplies from visiting delegations & direct them to collection bins in registration area.

Arrivals Goodie Distribution

  • Assist with distribution of goodie bags, snacks and t-shirts on arrivals day.

Host Family Arrivals Helpers

  • Help call host families with ETA of athletes from airport if there are delays, changes to the schedule.

Arrivals Bus Greeter

  • Greet and check in visiting athletes & coaches and give out credentials to Delegation Head to distribute to each individual as they arrive.
  • Lead delegations through the process of team photos, picking up welcome bags and meeting their host families.
  • Direct athlete to restrooms, water.
  • Direct athletes to registration tables, delegation picture taking, goodie bags, Host Families.

Departure Assistant

  • Assist delegation at the MJCCA with loading buses for departures to airports at the end of the week.


Assistant Commissioners (various sports):
Work with on-site Sports Commissioners to facilitate the Athletics throughout the week: fields/facilities/courts, scoring, timing, equipment, and ensure all the support aspects.

Includes overseeing fields/courts in the following ways:

  • Athlete/Team check-in.
  • Ensure all necessary equipment is available prior to and during the Games.
  • Collect equipment to be stored safely overnight.
  • Ensure that venue is clean at the end of the day.
  • Ensure proper paperwork for medical clearances.
  • Ensure proper paperwork for score reporting.

Assistant to the Commissioner
(Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Table Tennis, Track and Field, Volleyball, Softball)

  • Help with set up and clean up, signage, runner, water/ice replenishment, score reporting


  • Stage Manager: Keep order, assist dancers to prepare for their performance, check costumes, and manage lost & found.
  • Backstage Assistants: Keep order, assist dancers to prepare for their performance, check costumes, and manage lost & found.
  • Audience Management: Restrict entry during competition, and ensure aisles remain clear.
  • Assistants: Set up and clean up, signage, medal ceremony assistance.
  • Results Tabulator and Timekeeper: Maintain and tabulate scores and maintain times for each dancer.
  • Announcer: Act as MC for the competition, announcing athletes performances and results. Overseeing announcements of running order.


  • Runner: Collect times after each event and bring to official scorers.
  • Score table workers: Help organize and manage the scorers table.
  • Timers: Use hand-held timer for swimming events if no electronic system.
  • Announcer: MC swim meet – announce lineups, results and medal awards.

Track & Field

  • Scorers: Maintain and record scores.
  • Helper: Assist on events as measurers, referees, starters etc.

JCC Cares (Community Service Projects)

Assist with the JCC Cares event(s) to ensure safety, productivity and smooth operations.

Project Leader

  • Oversee each community service project including set up, liaising with visiting groups and leading the activity and clean up.

Group facilitators/chaperones:

  • Assist Project leader, supervise kids and help implement the community service program.

Evening Events

Assist with evening activities to ensure safe, fun and well run event.


  • Assist with operation of the entire event and overseeing the teen’s activities.
  • Assist athletes to get inside the venue safely, direct them to places of interest.
  • Help operate snack stations, games, inflatables, entertainment.
  • At the end of the evening assist athletes in connecting with their host families at the designated pick up point.

Food Servers

  • Assist the food committee in serving dinner to the athletes. Assist in clearing tables.

Set up

  • Assist with hanging decorations & signage, assist with arranging games, tables, supplies and equipment.

Food Service

Assist with set up and serving food.

Breakfast Helper

  • Assist with set up and serving food at the MJCCA each morning.

Lunch server

  • Assist with set up and serving food at lunch venues.

Snack stand supervisors

  • Set up snack stands at venues and supervise athletes and coaches making sure everyone has appropriate credentials.

Hang Time

Hang Time Volunteer

  • Ensure proper running of Hang Time activities.

Hang Time Assistant

  • Assist with projects created by local Hang Time committee.
  • Assist JCCA Shlichim & Israeli Scouts to provide fun, interactive and educational games and other activities for the athletes who will visit Hang Time when they are not competing.
  • Help athletes use the computer, make art projects, construct puzzles, etc.
  • Help to facilitate interaction between teens who come to the Hang Time room and activities.


Goodie Bag stuffers

  • Assist with creating goodie bags for visiting families and coaches.

Hotel Information desk supervisors

  • Staff the hospitality tables in visiting spectator hotels.
  • Create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for all visiting families and to ensure that individuals have information about the JCC Maccabi Games® and the local area.
  • Assist in giving information to spectators about schedules, directions, general information on the host community area and the Games.

Maccabi Central

Office Volunteers

  • Assist the Maccabi Central team in the office the week of the Games. Assist with office duties such as copies, phone calls, filing, etc. prior to and during the JCC Maccabi Games®.

Score Reporting Assistants

  • Assist in answering score reporting hotline and recording results and scores. Work with Score Reporting team leader to ensure all scores are correct and posted throughout the day.



  • Qualified medical personnel to work with Medical Co-Chairs to ensure medical attention is available to any credentialed participant and ensure proper care for injured athletes in regard to participation, etc.

Opening Ceremonies

Assist with organizing and supervising visiting delegations, guests, and VIPs to proper seating. Assist in production of Opening Ceremonies to ensure safe and smooth event.

Credential Distributors

  • Sell and produce credentials to those without according to instructions. Report suspicious persons or activities to designated personnel.*


  • Greet all patrons as they enter the arena.
  • Direct patrons to general admission seating.
  • Direct dignitaries and those with assigned seating to their seats.
  • Answer questions about the Opening Ceremonies.
  • Communicate security or safety concerns to Committee Chair or designee.

Athlete Drop-off Assistants

  • Greet athletes and direct to designated staging area.


Venue Director

  • Maintain general control and be a key contact person for information and problems that may arise (lack of officials/volunteers, inappropriate behavior of spectators, security and medical incidents, facility issues, etc.)
  • As venue director you are responsible for being the first person to the venue and the last one to leave.
  • Assist in storage and supply of athletic equipment for the day’s sporting events.
  • Liaise between sports commissioners, medical staff, water and ice, and transportation.
  • Communicate Games scores to score reporting office and ensure hard copy score forms are returned to the MJCCA at the end of the day.

Assistant to Venue Directors

  • Assist with any problems that arise, including with spectators.
  • Assist with smooth running of the venue.
  • Assist Venue Director in all aspects of the operations of the venue.

Security & Safety

Security/Safety Director

  • Responsible to ensure that only credentialed participants are permitted entry.

Security Assistants

  • Check credentials and bags at the door. Assist uniformed officer and/or other security volunteers to ensure security at venue. Remind athletes to wear credentials when not playing.
  • Ensure host families are picking up designated athletes. Remain in designated area to observe activities. Check credentials and bags at the door.
  • Assist uniformed officer and/or other security volunteers to ensure security at venue. Remind participants to wear credentials when not playing.
  • Monitor baggage storage areas during events.

Star Reporter

Key Volunteer Responsibilities

  • Train with the teens. Train without the teens.

With consultation from VOXATL, a teen-driven youth-development organization that has published teens’ content for 25+ years, we’re shifting the script from a traditional newsroom and turning the reins over to the teen content creators. VOXATL will bring us Guide-on-the-Side mentor training, including best practices in task-based mentorship and working with adolescents. VOXATL is also creating skills-building agendas for us to prepare with the youth participants: Join us to the extent you’d like and you’re able.

  • Support content creation during the Games

We’ll support a youth newsroom with daily check-ins, teen-created assignments, editing and production, and content curation from Star Reporters from other city delegations. Each day will include near-peer leadership and newsroom facilitation provided by VOXATL and 1:1 assignment mentorship by this volunteer corps.

  • Sign up for shifts or roles  

We envision the following roles* for volunteers:

Social media managers – hands-on people that run IG, FB, Twitter, Snap, Blogs for their companies — partner with youth social media managers as they share our stories.

Video and audio editors – support young folks in real-time produce their content.

Reporters, writers, editors, on-air personalities — support writing, story brainstorming, public speaking and skills development one story or teen at a time.

Photographers — help the teens focus. (Like what we did there?)

Technical support — help us prevent and solve tech problems in real time.

* Additional roles may be developed throughout the spring as the teens organize their newsroom.

Timeline – Key Dates:

Orientation … April 25 (6:30 – refreshments, 7-8 pm hard start); May 16 (12:30 food; 1-2 pm)

Pre-season training for teens  

March 24 – orientation to the team & project

April 14, 1:30-4:30 PM at VOX

May 2 – 5-8 pm at the MJCCA

Pre-Games set-up — July 26 (some volunteer roles here)

Games — July 28-Aug. 2 (volunteer in the newsroom & in the field)

Debrief — Friday Aug. 16 at the JCC (optional for volunteers)

Questions? Interested? Please contact Michael Kogon (


Transportation Coordinator

  • Responsible for supervision of transportation systems and assistance of athletes and coaches as needed.

Transportation Venue Leader

  • Responsible for the implementation and upkeep of specific venue transportation plans.

Transportation Assistant Daytime

  • Monitor “LOOP” bus between venues/hubs. Monitor traffic control and supervise parking lot.
  • Assist athletes to find their bus based on their delegation, sport or designation. Communicate security or safety concerns to Security Committee Chair or Designee.
  • Communicate transportation/bus needs to Transportation Chairperson.
  • Monitor traffic control and direct traffic. Direct incoming buses to drop off points. Direct and monitor incoming cars to the appropriate parking lots.

Transportation Assistant Evening

  • Assist in loading buses to go to evening events.
  • Monitor traffic control and supervise parking lot. Assist athletes unloading their bus upon arrival and to find the bag drop area.
  • Monitor traffic control and direct traffic. Direct incoming buses to drop off points. Direct and monitor incoming cars to the appropriate parking lots.
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