Team Atlanta FAQs

What are the requirements to participate as a JCC Maccabi Games® athlete?
1. Jewish teens between the ages of 12-16, as of July 31, 2019, can participate.
2. Local athletes are required to host 2 or more visiting athletes.

Do I need to be Jewish to participate in the Maccabi Games?
Yes, all JCC Maccabi Games® athletes must have at least one Jewish parent.

Do I need to be a member of MJCCA to participate?
No, this program is offered to Jewish teens ages 12-16.

Is there a cost involved in participating?
Yes, there are expenses such as registration fees, uniform cost, games cost, etc. for this national program. For athletes, the cost will be $750 for MJCCA Members and $850 for Non-Members. If you are in need of financial assistance, please fill out this confidential form.

Are scholarships available for both members and non-members to participate?
Yes!  Through the generous support of donors, The MJCCA is committed to offering families who qualify financial assistance for the 2019 Maccabi Games.  Any teen that wants to play in the 2019 JCC Maccabi games in Atlanta will be able to play regardless of ability to pay the full cost.  More information will be available once registration starts.

Can I try out for more than one sport?
Yes. We encourage you to try out for more than one sport.

Can I play more than one sport?
No, athletes are only permitted to participate in one sport.

Will there be practices?
Yes, each coach determines their own practice schedule.

What if I attend summer camp?
We are well aware that many athletes may be attending summer camps and will be away for most of the summer. That being said, athletes will be required to attend all JCC Maccabi Games® activities July 28 – August 2, 2019. They will, however, miss team practices, socials and meetings related to the Games throughout the summer.

Host FAQs

May I make requests for gender, age, or sports for teens staying with my family?
You can request gender, age, and sports. We do our best to honor requests but cannot guarantee.

Do I need to be a member of MJCCA to be a host family?
No, all Jewish families are welcome to host.

If I do not have a teen participating in the JCC Maccabi Games®, can I still host?
Yes, all Jewish families are welcome to host visiting teens.

How many athletes can I house?
Host families will house a minimum of 2 athletes. Each teen requires their own bed (air mattresses are acceptable) and seat belt in your car.

Do I need to be Jewish to be a host family?
All teens must be housed in a Jewish home.

Do I have to have a Kosher home to host athletes?
No, a Kosher home is not required and you will be matched with teens with appropriate dietary needs for your home.

May I go to the athletic events?
Yes! We encourage you to be enthusiastic spectator at any and all athletic events. You must wear your JCC Maccabi Games® credential at all times for access to any venue.

What meals do we need to provide?
You will need to provide dinner on Sunday before Opening Ceremonies and on Host Family Night, as well as breakfast Monday through Friday. We also suggest that you keep plenty of snacks around the house as teenagers will want to eat constantly!

Should I pack snacks?
Snacks and drinks will be provided at all venues for the teen. However, feel free to stock up on your visiting athlete’s favorite snacks for them to enjoy in the evening.

May I carpool with another host family?
All drivers transporting athletes MUST be 21 or over. You may carpool for morning drop-off as long as your car contains seat belts for each passenger.

Do I need to give money to the teens I’m hosting?
No. They should have brought enough to cover all incidentals. If not, please have them speak with their Delegation Head.

What if the teens want to get together after the evening social activities?
This is up to you and they need the permission from their Delegation Head. It is acceptable to say no. The teens have agreed, in writing, to adhere to a Code of Conduct. Violations of the Code will be cause for expulsion from the Games. Please contact your athlete’s Delegation Head or the Housing Committee if you have any problems.

If I am hosting teens from more than one delegation, do I need to come twice on Sunday for pick-up?
Yes, we are sorry for this inconvenience. This will be kept to a minimum. The majority of host families only host teens from one delegation.

Can host families and their children attend the evening activities?
Host families are welcome to and should plan to attend Opening Ceremonies on Sunday evening. All other evening social events are open only to participating teens and adults 21+ who are signed up for a specific volunteer role.

Can I pick up the teens to come back to the house DURING the day?
No. The athletes should remain at the venues or at a hub, per JCCA policy.

What if athletes are eliminated from competition before Thursday? Can they stay at home?
No. Athletes must participate in the Games whether or not the are competing. There will be planned activities for athletes as well as the opportunity to watch other competitions.

What do we do in the event of inclement weather?
Most events will occur — rain or shine. The outdoor events may be affected by bad weather. Host families should bring the athletes to the Hub regardless of weather. We can then transfer them easily to an alternate rain site, or, if the weather changes, continue as scheduled. We will be communicating throughout the week to athletes, coaches and host families of any major changes to the schedule. Evening events are planned, rain or shine. Please call the JCC Maccabi Games® Hotline, if you have any questions regarding the weather.

What if a teen gets sick? Can they stay home?
If a teen is sick please call their Delegation Head to notify him/her immediately. We encourage you to bring the sick teen to the JCC Maccabi Games® Medical Center to be checked out by our medical staff and/or to rest there. If you and the Delegation Head feel that the teen would be best suited to stay in your home with you, it will be permissible provided the Delegation Head first approves it and it is convenient for you

Volunteer FAQs

Is there a minimum age to volunteer?
Yes, all volunteers must be 18 or older as of July 31, 2019 for daytime shifts and 21 or older to volunteer for evening events.

What if I am interested in volunteering, but I don’t know my schedule yet?
It’s ok. Provide us with your information and we can discuss your availability and schedule as the Games get closer.

Is it important that I know a lot about sports or the arts to volunteer?
No it’s not important. Volunteers are needed to do everything from passing out water, guiding traffic, to greeting guests.

Do I need to be a member of the JCC to volunteer?
No , the entire community is invited to take part in the Games, although the participants and host families must be Jewish.

I am available on a limited basis, perhaps only a few hours or only one day during the Games. Is that ok?
Yes, we will need volunteers various shifts between 7:00 am and 9:00 pm daily. We appreciate any time you are available.

If my teen is playing a sport, can I volunteer during that time?
Yes, however we recommend that you volunteer when your teen is not competing because you will most likely want to watch his or her event.

What should I do if I have lost my JCC Maccabi credentials?
Go to Maccabi Central and a new credential can be created for you. Please bring a photo identification to receive a new one.

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